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Version: Express SDK 1.2


The Handpoint Express SDK is composed of a Custom URL Protocol, a javascript interface and the Handpoint Express application running on the clients platform. The Handpoint Express application acts as a bridge between the web browser and the bluetooth card reader. When a transaction is initiated from the web based point of sale it reaches outside of the browser via a custom url. The Express application then takes care of finalizing the transaction with the card reader and sends the result and receipts back to the web application at the end of the operation.

Handpoint Express Installation



The Windows Express app is portable since version 1.3.2! This means that you don't need to install it, just download it and run it once. We take care of the rest. It will download updates automatically so you don't have to worry about that. However if you had a previous version installed it is advised that you uninstall it previously to avoid confusion and conflicts.

Android & iOS


Download the Android & iOS Express apps directly from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store.