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Version: JavaScript SDK 6.0.1


Introducing the Revolutionary Handpoint JavaScript SDK: Seamlessly integrate card present payments into any cloud software

JavaScript SDK

version 6.0.1

Use the Handpoint JavaScript SDK to integrate leading smartpos terminals with your cloud software. The Handpoint JavaScript SDK is a simple javascript interface running in your web application that acts as a bridge between the web browser and the payment terminal, while shielding your software from card data. It is seamless to integrate, keeps all card data out of your system, works with every platform, and lets you use the best Android terminals on the market.

Complete your integration in just three steps: Initiate the interface, choose the terminal, and start the sale. It is as simple as it sounds. The only thing you need is a valid API key to initialize the SDK. You even get a list of terminals to which you can connect. Simply execute the operation, and within seconds you’ll get back the transaction result and receipt in your software all while you monitor the transaction status. The Handpoint JavaScript SDK seamlessly starts and manages the entire P2PE transaction with the payment terminal, minimizing hassle for you and maximizing reliability, security, and control.

For your merchants, the terminal setup is easier than a standalone. A merchant connects the terminal to their network, just like a smartphone, authenticates his/her account, and it simply works. Your software then control the terminal from anywhere in the world, and your merchants have secure, reliable, intuitive payments.